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So….my dumb arse decided to buy a bike yesterday. Used. 3000Yen. Which is roughly a bit more than $30US. Drove to school this morning.

Worst idea. Ever. Almost fell ten million times. And then, collided with a car.

Well, not exactly but,

There was a car coming towards me, and in front of it a car was parked, so that car coming towards me had to veer a bit into my lane to pass the parked car. I was already staggering on my bike, the car comes about an inch away from me, it was so close that in my haste I held out my hand, to do what? I don’t know! Stop the car? But I literally touched the car with my hand as it drove past me. I was an inch away from hitting it. The only reason why I didn’t was because I pushed myself to fall over on the other side, where there was the sidewalk. Mannnn….traumatizing, it was.

I’m going to ride the bike again in the morning, of course, but…it was quite an experience. I think I sweated twice as much as when I walk, but most of the sweating was out of fear.

I do have to say the drivers are all pretty nice. No one honked at me. The people in my lane just passed me, sometimes without even looking back. Of course, I was too intent on my riding to pay much attention but, let’s just say they weren’t like American drivers. Knock on Wood. If I was riding my bike the way I rode it this morning, but in America, the car drivers woulda chewed me out and spit me over the railings onto the highway or something.

Gah! Good luck to me! Boo!


Posted April 14, 2010 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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