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I don’t think I can ever have a roommate. I think that if it were Otouto, or Reed, or Dolores, I’d be OK, but if I’m thrown in with someone I’ve never met before and forced to live with them, I think I’d die. Either I’d shoot myself or they’d kill me because I’d turn into a bitch at some point. I think that I’m just the kind of person who tires of things and people quickly, so when I meet someone and then hang out with them all the time, every day, it tires me. It literally drains me, I start finding even the slightest faults extremely, obnoxiously, aggravating.

I guess that’s why I’m the kind of person who, my closest friends are people I don’t see often. Reed, I only see him during school breaks. Same with Dolores. Otouto, I mean, we live together, but we leave each other relatively alone. We only truly “hang out” every so often. My dancers, I see them just every week, but not every day. My godsister, my close friends, I see them once every few months. But with all these people, after not seeing them all the time, once I do see them, the meeting is bliss. I’m happy, I’m excited, because I haven’t seen them in so long and yet our friendship still holds. It’s as if we’re together all the time. It’s the perfect relationship!

Over here, I have a few new friends that I hang around with often. One is my next door neighbor. I like her a lot, I do, I love hearing stories of her exploits and all that but, sometimes I wish she’d just stay in her own apartment. And then this other girl. She’s the only other person from my school. Unfortunately she’s extremely needy and clingy, and she knows it. She just can’t be by herself! I mean, if she has to because no one will hang out with her, then she will, but she’s always asking to do something, to go out, to hang out, I can’t stand it! I always like to do things at my own pace, on my own time, I don’t like anyone tying me down. I’m very go with the flow though, so most of the time whatever my friends want to do, I’ll do it, but if I say No, then it’s No. I don’t care how bored you are, find something to do, if I don’t want to hang out then just take it as that! Geezuzbegeebuz….

On another note…I love it when in the middle of pretending to do homework and really blogging in the middle of the night…I look over at what’s on Japanese TV, stare at it a little and go….what the fck is this..?

I’m been in Japan for…a month and a day. And so far the farthest I’ve gone is Osaka Castle. Gdam that sucks. I don’t think I’ve walked around enough. Golden Week begins this Thursday and lasts until next Thursday. If I don’t get somewhere out of town the whole week, Imma be pissed. Part of me is like, well, I am going to these places later, but still, I don’t want to be too idle. I need to explore. And I guess the more I see during break, the farther I can go later.

I also need to go through my camera’s manual…and figure out how to use that thing. Before I get annoyed and opt to sell it to get myself a point-and-shoot. I mean, I’m sure that my DSRL has so much potential, and it’s my fault for not exploring it enough but…Argh, it’s so large! Boo!

Okay it’s about 2:30AM now. I still haven’t learned all the Hiragana I need for the quiz tomorrow. I wish I had my long hair back. Sadness.

So as I mentioned…it’s been a month. I miss my dancers. I miss my cousins. I miss my Au Nhi. I miss…Bun Bo Hue. BOOO! Ah well. : )

To accent that….

I love having my own place.
I love walking home with my neighbor.
I love going out whenever I want to, coming back whenever I want to.
I love the possibility of sleeping naked without the fear of my Mother or Otouto walking in on me.
I love my apartment.
I love freedom.

The end!



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  1. HAHA, I get what you mean. I’m the exact same way! Being close to people scares me -_- so I tend to avoid seeing them everyday.

    lmao at the sleeping naked part. I should try that one day… I swear.

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