đã khuya rồi, vẩn ngồi đếm sao   1 comment

sương rơi lạnh ướt đôi bờ vai
ánh trăng đã không còn nữa
chỉ còn chiếc cầu vồng khuyết
để mình tôi đơn côi
– cầu vồng khuyết

Ah, I am Poohed out! Last night I didn’t go to bed until 5…AM, which I guess makes it “today.” Then I woke up at 8, turned off my alarm, snoozed, and then forced myself up at around 9. Actually I kinda jolted awake at 9, thinking I’d be late, haha.

The reason why I was afraid I’d be late was because my Studies class had our first trip to a local Elementary School today, at which we introduced ourselves and played some games with the 5th graders. It was really fun, the school is so huge and all the teachers and kids were really nice. We met the Principal, who took us to his office and kinda gave it to us as our ‘resting grounds.’

I really liked the experience. We basically went from room to room and did an introduction, then walked around and had the kids introduce themselves to us, and then we played a game with the whole class. The first class we went to we split up and had a group of 5 kids to each of us, so I had them introduce themselves and something they liked to do. All the guys like soccer. Haha. But apparently splitting up was too terrifying for the other International Students so we ended up playing together, as a group, with the other classes.

I miss teaching.

I have a paper to write tonight. And then stuff to study. Blahhh. I have so many pictures to post but, I guess that’ll have to wait. Idk why I’m slacking so much, it’s not like I’m actually ever uber busy. I’m always wasting time doing something…unnecessary. Ah well, I’ll try and come back soon!

Side note:..I’m afraid of getting near my bed. Because as soon as I touch that hard, poor excuse for a mattress, I know I’m going to just pass out from running around the past few weeks on nonexistent energy. Must…stay…away!



Posted May 19, 2010 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

One response to “đã khuya rồi, vẩn ngồi đếm sao

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  1. I love how you picked a song…Today’s song is my current favorite one…hihihi Love it. C. Hai introduced it to me over the weekend. 🙂

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