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Just a random Food post. This was supposed to go up forever ago. My bad!

Sara and her friend from school met up with me for dinner a few days before I left. We went to this nice little Thai place that I never noticed before. It was really yumyum. Will definitely go back at some point.

DSC_0023–Her friend’s dish. Some peanut thing.–

DSC_0021–I think this was Sara’s dish. Black Pepper seafood thing..?–

DSC_0022–My dish! Was deeeeliciouuuus!!–

–Starbucks, cuz why not, right?–

Speaking of which, I have yet to go to a Starbucks in Japan. Need to check that out.

The girls and I went to karaoke before I left, and then we went to dinner afterward. Same place we went to for Tina, Ceci, and mine’s birthday dinner.

–Yummy as always! Goshdam I love those Crunchy Shrimp Rolls. I go back just for those rolls. Rollllllllls.–

Then Stephanie (my lovely godsister!) and I went to lunch the Monday before I left. I forgot where we went, but I wanna go back.

DSC_0246–Something Spring Rolls. More like tiny, fried burritos. Was really good!–

–Stephanie’s dish. The wings were really good.–

DSC_0251–My dish–

DSC_0252–Lobster MacnCheese oishiiiiiiii!!!–

DSC_0253–This was good, too.–

Yay for good-bye lunches/dinners. I should go away more often. : )

Let’s dress up next time guys!


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