chỉ là bóng tối vây quanh căn phòng   Leave a comment

chỉ là nỗi nhớ đốt thiêu tâm hồn
chỉ là những phút khát khao điên dại
anh rất nhớ em
– giay phut mong manh

A visit to Kobe! I went with Tman, Selvia, and two of Selvia’s Japanese friends. It was an overall nice trip, a lottttttt of walking. The sites we saw were great though. (This was…during Golden Week..which was…the 1st of May…).

We started in Chinatown.


For lunch Selvia and I decided to walk around instead of sitting down, and I ended up getting some of this:
DSC_0019–Kobe BEEF!–

It was pretty delicious. Wasn’t enough to satisfy me but, I made due for then (cuz it was uber expensive!).

Then we headed to Kobe port. The overall weather for the day was really nice, so it made the port especially refreshing.

DSC_0025–The port!–
DSC_0035–Some performers–
DSC_0043–The dog in the back has the leash in his mouth. Smart arse dogs.–
DSC_0048–Kobe port had a market that day. There were tonnnns of people selling stuff out of their cars. Was cool.–
DSC_0059–Nice resting area.–
DSC_0069–Idk what they were raising money for but, these dogs were cute.–

We went to a Shrine afterwards. Or is this a Temple? No…I’m pretty sure it’s a Shrine.

DSC_0074–Wedding in progress.–

After the Shrine we went to one of the Western Houses, which was all the way up a goshdarn hill.

DSC_0105–Some art in the Western House.–

On our way back we happened upon this festival.


DSC_0113–Cute dog right?–
DSC_0133–O yea…it’s cute alright.–
DSC_0131–Still took a picture with it though. Lolz.–

Here’s what the festival was really about.

–All flower petals! Woo!–
DSC_0140–The streets of Kobe.–
DSC_0141–The people I went with.–

The trip was overall very relaxing and nice. In Chinatown I found a store that sound ingredients for Vietnamese food. I got really excited and have been wanting to go back, but am realizing that even if I get all the spices, I don’t have the other ingredients so it’s like…having half of a recipe, not even.

The only bad part about that day? On the way home we cut through the park and my dumbarse self slipped on a stair and sprained my ankle. So no Nara the next day. Spent the rest of Golden Week in my room. Pooh.


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