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Okay, so if you can’t already tell, I have been extremely behind in keeping up with this blog. So my past….O I don’t know…5…6…? posts? And my next 3 or 4 posts are all attempts to catch up. This post is going to be focused on my life in Izumi City thus far. I’ve already shown pictures of my room, now here’s some of the places and things to be done in town.

DSC_0009–Looking out my front door.–

–Looking down the hall from my front door. At the end of the hall to the left is the elevator.–

Those pictures are mainly for Reed. One night I was Skyping with Reed and was interrupted by some party-ers outside my door, and Reed didn’t quite get what I meant when I’d said they were on the balcony. So there. My “other” balcony. Yup. Yup.


–The street I live on.–
DSC_0029–Flowers in the park between my apartment and the train station.–
DSC_0034–Snapshots of the train station.
DSC_0005–Some cool Nio statues on the road from my school to City Hall.–

Now on to people pictures. Haha, I no longer hang out very often with the people depicted. What can I say, people change, right?

DSC_0020–At a dinner in my room.–
DSC_0014–Me and my Buddy! I still hang with her :).–
DSC_0002–Gathering in my room after watching Paranormal Activity in Tom’s room.–
DSC_0185–For a little while I thought I’d found a model for my camera. But no…didn’t last.–
DSC_0043–During a break from class. Went to the train station for some lunch.–
DSC_0014–Another dinner party in my room.–

Some of us decided to go to the park on a nice little Sunday. Pooh and I had a photoshoot.

DSC_0047–Cute phone charms from 105YenShop.–

Alrighty…now on to FOOD!

Food from eating out:

Food I’ve cooked:

This post and the next two are going to be all over the place. I’m centering the post around where the things took place and so, yea. So, I was really excited about my cooking at first and took bunches of pictures the first few weeks. And then I stopped. Lolz. The last two pics are my most recent achievements. Both turned out really, really well! I finally found some real pieces of pork, so on to Thit Kho Experiment #2. And later, Nuoc Mam! Woo!


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