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The very first time I went into Namba I didn’t take any pictures. Why, you ask? Because it was at around 11PM, for clubbing, and hell to the noooo am I bringing my DSLR to the club. So, Namba looks really different during the day….


Raising money for something. I gave wayyy more than I should’ve but, whatever. I’m a sucker for big dogs. Ha…Yea….

DSC_0003–Outside Namba Station–
DSC_0005DSC_0010–One of the streets–
DSC_0006DSC_0007–Aren’t these just delightful?!–
DSC_0013–Just too cute.–

There’s this student group at the University that hosts all these events that are supposed to provide chances for International and Japanese students to meet. I finally went to one of the events, a picnic.

DSC_0001–I saw little kids playing in this fountain so of course, it was appropriate for me as well.–

After the picnic Naoko, Anas, and I decided to go to Umeda.

DSC_0045DSC_0046DSC_0051DSC_0053–I LOVE Umeda at night. Absolutely gorgeous!–

First time ever:

Random picture…

DSC_0004–Me on my bike! (Off which I fell just the other day…)–

DSC_0177–A nice little shrine I passed after visiting Osaka Aquarium.–


Then two..?…weekends ago, Anas and I went to a workcamp. It was a pretty good experience. We took the train to Tondabayashi, walked with the other volunteers to the camp and started right away. We stripped some trees of their bark, then sawed the trees, then chopped the pieces to make one side pointed, then raked leaves around a lake.

IMG_1861–All ready in my work gear.–

IMG_1882–Cleaning up after lunch.–

I swear that method saves so much freakin water. Why don’t we do this?!

IMG_1893–Raking leaves.–

Actually I was more like pushing the leaves down the hill so the people at the bottom could collect it all.

For dinner we had yakiniku so, some of the elders took us into the woods to collect mushrooms.


I had a pretty awesome experience, aside from the fact that my face totally collided with a spider web (EW to even typing that!) when I was climbing up the hill to get the mushrooms, AND after I came home I had all these bites on my chest and arms. A result of, I’m guessing, sleeping in a short sleeved shirt in the attic. Yup. But, my RA took me to the doctors, I gots meds, now the bites are still there but don’t itch no more…KNOCK ON WOOD.

On Saturday I was supposed to go back to the camp to do Rice Planting, but as I was biking out of my apartment complex my pants leg got caught on the pedal and I fell off my bike. As I was falling I, stupidly, I realize, pulled my bike down on top of me. HA. Yay. But anyway, scraped knees, sore arms, and my ankle pulled a little. Needless to say, no Rice Planting. Which is a Pooh! Cuz I was really looking forward to it. The next workcamp is in June, but I heard it’s full so I might not be able to go, and the July one is the same weekend as when Imma be in Tokyo with Reed so, Ah well. ‘Tis as it is I guess.


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