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So some weeks….months…?…ago, the International Center took us to Osaka-Jo (Osaka Castle) to flower watch. There were TONS of people there with their mats all spread out, having a good time with their bbqs and sake. We didn’t know it was going to be like that, so we didn’t bring mats or anything to hang around in. We ended up just walking and standing around for most of the two or so hours.

DSC_0147–On the bus (That’s one of the Anttis, he’s from Finland, he’s nice :)).–
DSC_0046DSC_0137DSC_0097DSC_0124DSC_0101DSC_0041DSC_0100DSC_0099DSC_0098–Look at all those people!–

Now, are you ready for this?!

DSC_0093–Pooh! Haha, kinda random.–

There was a shrine…temple…?…off on a side of the Castle grounds, so we explored that too.


There was a whole eating area right outside the entrance to the main castle, so of course…..


You know….I’d always really wanted to try Takoyaki, and this was the first time I tried it and…I did not care for it…at all. I was led on…I thought Takoyaki was entirely made of octopus…but no…there is one teeny, tiny piece of octopus surrounded by some kinda flour thing. No. Not my kinda thing.


This was yummy though. I had more food…much more food, but I gulped it all down before I remember about my camera.

Which leads me to this point…..I want a PointandShoot! Well, I have one, a Sony, at home, and it’s OK. It started being slow and messing around, that’s what led me to buying my Nikon DSLR. I realize now that I can’t lug my DSLR everywhere with me. I don’t bring it when I go to school, and sometimes on the way to and from school, or even just walking around school, there are things I want to take pictures of but I can’t because…I didn’t bring my DSLR with me that day. It’s so big, and heavy. I most definitely want to keep my DSLR, it has so many functions and I’m sure that if I would just open the manual and bother to read it, I’ll find out how to use it much better. But for everyday carrying around, maybe going out to the club or things like that, I don’t want to bring it with me. It’s big, heavy, and too expensive.

So, we have this electronics store right near the train station that sells cameras and…with all the Japanese I knew (which is not much!), I managed to find out that the charger will work in America, the camera does have an English function, but as soon as I take that baby out of Japan, the warranty is moot. So…basically everything about the camera is fine, except that I’ll only have the warranty for two months. So I thought about it and decided kinda that I would just have Otouto send me my Sony from home. Yes, it’s a pretty sucky camera, but if I were to buy a new PointandShoot I’d buy a cheap one meant for just random daily use anyway, and it’s less expensive to ship a camera than to buy a whole new one (I think. Actually shipping my contacts cost a LOT of money so, IDK). But before I’d left I did tell Otouto that I was giving him the Sony, and even though when I told him to ship it to me he said he wasn’t using it, he still seemed a bit hesitant so…whatever I’m just going to stick with what I said and let him have it. Anyway…we’ll see…is the warranty really worth it?


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