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So far I’ve been to Kyoto twice. The first trip was somewhat of a fail. I went with some of the International students and spent the day getting lost and tired, ended up visiting one huge park and one temple. It was a pretty big fail. The people in charge kept rushing us through everything, hardly had time to enjoy ourselves, and in the end we only got to two places. But anyway, here are the pictures!

DSC_0131–New Shoes–
DSC_0041–Pink Shoes!!–
DSC_0031DSC_0030–Waiting for the train–
DSC_0038–Kyoto Tower Hotel…apparently it’s famous?–

Our first stop, the Forbidden something or other. Apparently the inside building is open to the public but not on weekends, which is when we were there. So we ended up just walking around the huge park surrounding the big, main building.

I didn’t take very many pictures. Cuz it was mainly just this big span of….emptiness. Pretty, but boring. Especially since we weren’t there to enjoy the Hanami or anything. As I said before, the people in charge were in a rush, who knows why, so we just walked through the place. Blah.

Second place we went to: The Silver Pavilion (Temple).

I absolutely lovedddd the view.

We tried to go to the Golden Pavilion after the Silver Pavilion. Didn’t make it. I mean, we did, but it was closed by the time we got there. We took the bus, which was a terrible idea because it was crowded and took forever. We had a Japanese friend with us who told the people in charge that the Pavilion closes at 5PM, but did they listen? No. So we spent the over an hour bus ride and the walk up the hill to the Pavilion to find it closed. The back gate was still open though because it was just a while past 5 so people were still shuffling out, so all the students went in the back gate. I think they didn’t get far though, my Japanese friend went to check on them and came back and told me they were just eating ice cream or something cuz there was a shop. So, no pictures of the Golden Pavilion. I plan to go there this month though.

I did get a picture of these girls dressed in kimonos leaving the Pavilion, though.

DSC_0120DSC_0119–Waiting for some people before leaving.–

To be continued.


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