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khi toi dau thi toi khoc
se trut het nhung dang cay trong long
– gioi han nao cho chung ta

I don’t think I’ve ever posted so much in so short a time. I’d been really bad with keeping up with this blog and so, the past few days was my attempt at catching up. A lot of the things I posted happened months ago, that’s how behind I was. But that’s all OK now, because I am currently fully caught up. : )

Soooooo, as most people might now, I have an obsession with three things.
1. Winnie the Pooh (who is my soulmate and lover).
2. School supplies, planners, notebooks, and the sort.
3. Purses, wallets, and the sort.

My obsession with Winnie the Pooh Bear will probably never be satisfied.

Idk why I have such a need for notebooks, I never have anything interesting to write in them, and who knows what my thing is with planners, I never go anywhere so all the dates are always empty! But these things are just so easy to find, and so easy to be pretty that it’s hard to avoid.

Purses and wallets though, I can be very, very picky about. And purses and wallets cost a bit of money, so I’m not too terrible on this front. Japan, however, has some really great purses and wallets. Just in my train station alone there are two shops selling…relatively affordable purses and wallets. So, I need one, and I told myself that I’d buy one, or so, to use while I’m in Japan, maybe something a bit rugged. And then before I left the country I’d reward myself with a brand new, perfect purse, and a wallet or two. Well, here’s what I ended up buying the other week.

DSC_0009–A planner for 100Yen and an address book.–

The planner is a monthly view planner, which is perfect for now. I was going to buy myself a fancy organizer, planner thing when I got back home, but for now I think I can make due with the above planner, at least until the new year.

I was also going to get an address book when I got home, who the hell knows why, but then I went to the 105Yen shop at the station next to ours, and they were selling the binder and inserts at 105Yen apiece. So I bought the binder and all the necessary inserts to make it an address book. Yay! It’ll hold me off until the new year, I hope!

DSC_0006–A cardholder–

Isn’t it just the cutest thing?! Back at home I have a lot more cards for things, so it’ll be more filled up.

DSC_0008–Coin purse!–



Ok, so why’d I buy three wallet things instead of just using the pink wallet, which itself has a lot of room? Well, in the past I’ve learned that when you overstuff things, they tend to break, practically dismantle at the seams. And I am a perfectionist. When something starts breaking, I just can’t handle it. I need something new. Materialistic, I know. But isn’t a girl entitled to pretty things? In America I don’t carry that much cash. I usually just leave the house with my cards, makes it easier now that my cards are separated from my wallet. Also means that my wallet will last longer since it won’t be stuffed to breaking point.

Anyway, I was going to buy myself a new wallet before leaving but I’m loving my pink one tooooooo much. I might just be satisfied with it. Wow, right?

I managed to find Yoga Institute (Korean horror film) and watched it today. Confused the crap outta me.

Know what I’m really craving right now? Some steamed crabs under a sprinkling of Old Bay Seasoning…Gahhhhh mouth waterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs. Reed promised me a trip to the Dancing Crab a few days after I get back. Man….I kinda want to go to Grad School at American U, not because they have really good programs that speak to me, but because the University is within walking distance of the Dancing Crab. Hahaha.

Speaking of Reed, he leaves Australia to return to America in a few days. Yup. After Sunday our time differences will be too vast for regular chats. He’s also traveling a lot so who knows how much internet he’ll get? I need to be better at keeping up with this blog.

Ermm….there was something else I’d wanted to talk about regarding “returns,” but that’ll have to wait ’till later. I wanted to just do catch ups for now. I have a paper to write and some Japanese to study. Starting tomorrow we’re going to do all our Japanese lessons in Hiragana, which I STILL HAVE NOT MEMORIZED. GAH! I’m screwed.


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