quay về đi quay về đi bao yêu dấu ngày đầu   Leave a comment

mưa còn rơi hay lòng em vẫn cứ mãi nguyện cầu
dù cho ngày sau không bên nhau xin mưa hãy môt lần
mưa ơi mang anh quay về đi
–quay về đi

–Look what I got from C. Phuong!–

She’s so flipping awesome. The Pooh bear is to block out my address.

She also sent me a copy of my youth group’s yearbook, which was so great of her. She’s so cool.

One of my many cooking experiments:

–Thich kho!–

And…I finally got this because I had a feeling that it might be taken by someone else sometime soon.

–The Pooh Piggy bank will be mine. The other one is…well…a secret!–



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