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I can’t watch Kiem Hiep series. I shouldn’t be allowed to watch them. Because every time I watch them, my mind goes on insane adventures for days. Imaginary adventures that make me wish I were born centuries ago, when chivalry was rare but at least existent–when although life was short, at least it was full.

Of course my mind is insane even when I’m normal, and so the century I want to return to is that of the storybooks. I ignore the fact that in those times people didn’t bathe everyday and along with that I ignore the fact that if I go two days without bathing I get a little crazy.

Maybe my mind just feeds on my always existent, no matter how low it lays, wish to be away from here. This place, these people. This time. And when I watch a Kiem Hiep series or something, my mind latches on to that time, because it fulfills my desire to be away. Away to when life was simple. When people were expected to leave their homes and go on adventures. Instead of being locked in their rooms because it’s dangerous outside.

Ah, now I’m just ranting. I know, I have been terrible at keeping this blog updated. In the next few days you’ll see random picture posts as I once again attempt to catch up, and then maybe something substantial. Maybe at a more reasonable time I might go back and make this post better and more understandable, even, but don’t count on it.

Chya! I’m off to waste a few more hours of my night laying in bed in the dark dreaming up a romance that wouldn’t exist even in the movies. Intrigued? 🙂


Posted June 19, 2010 by .unpaused. in Life, Musings, Quickie

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