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lung lo ngan troi
– la xanh mua he

A few Wednesdays ago my Buddy and her friend came over to my apartment. I didn’t know why she chose that date but found out later from her friend that it was her Birthday that day! So we turned the party into a surprise birthday party. Literally I ran over to my neighbor’s, was like, Did you know today is Yuko’s Birthday?! And she was like, yea. And I was like, How’d you know?! I didn’t know! And she was like, Facebook! And I was like…Freak! And that’s why I’m on Facebook again, not that anyone noticed I was off for a bit. Lolz. Getting back on FB also means I lost a bet with Reed but I don’t care. I’m the dominant one in our relationship. Anyway, I digress. I convinced my neighbor to bike to the grocery store and get my buddy a cake or pie or something while I pretended like this was planned all along. Haha, yay. Anyway, it turned out pretty well.

We had a Spring Roll party. I bought and prepared all the ingredients. People were supposed to pay me but only a few people did. Next time I’m demanding money first. Lolz.


Haha. It turned out relatively well! I hoped!

People really liked the dipping sauce I made for the Spring Rolls, which is the most important part, of course, so I’m glad. Everything wasn’t hard to prepare, so I might do it again. Next time I’ll know better how much of each ingredient to get—less veggies, more meat. Haha!


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