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Bonjour!!! I is Nhu-Y! A bit écervelée et un peu égoïste, but I always mean well. ; )

I’m tired of pulling the “I grew up too soon” and using my past to excuse my present dull-li-ty (not a word). I’ve decided, life is short, I’m getting on in years, why not live a little?

A big statement for a short person, so until I can actually make it come true, for now you can know me as that Asian, the quiet at first but often offensively friendly later, plays a little of guitar, a bit of keyboard, and a ton of violin, but still sucks at it, is glad for that friend who’s currently studying abroad in Australia and very much likes that girl who lives three hours away during the school year, is thankful for that silly, obnoxious boy who happens to have a room next to hers, gets along with the lady of the house for the sake of keeping the peace but sometimes does find her fascinatingly acceptable, misses her old man and will always keep him in her heart, no matter where she goes. Used to hate life but now finds it interestingly invigorating, often.

I’m Nhu-Y!.

Wanna take a step into my past?! I wouldn’t recommend it but…ok!

Where I’ve been…
xanga – jepense
xanga – p00hc0rn3r
wordpress – bu0nr0ithisa0
blogspot – neweeknocktwo

I had Xangas for forever before jepense, but they’ve been lost to the sands of the past, all for the better.

Where I am now…
travel blog

Is it scary to think that if anything horrendous were to happen to technology, I’d disappear with it?


current obsession:

the history of love — if i quote another thing from this book i’ll probably face some copyright charges. so everyone should just read this book. the end.


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