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Okay, so if you can’t already tell, I have been extremely behind in keeping up with this blog. So my past….O I don’t know…5…6…? posts? And my next 3 or 4 posts are all attempts to catch up. This post is going to be focused on my life in Izumi City thus far. I’ve already shown pictures of my room, now here’s some of the places and things to be done in town.

DSC_0009–Looking out my front door.–

–Looking down the hall from my front door. At the end of the hall to the left is the elevator.–

Those pictures are mainly for Reed. One night I was Skyping with Reed and was interrupted by some party-ers outside my door, and Reed didn’t quite get what I meant when I’d said they were on the balcony. So there. My “other” balcony. Yup. Yup.


–The street I live on.–
DSC_0029–Flowers in the park between my apartment and the train station.–
DSC_0034–Snapshots of the train station.
DSC_0005–Some cool Nio statues on the road from my school to City Hall.–

Now on to people pictures. Haha, I no longer hang out very often with the people depicted. What can I say, people change, right?

DSC_0020–At a dinner in my room.–
DSC_0014–Me and my Buddy! I still hang with her :).–
DSC_0002–Gathering in my room after watching Paranormal Activity in Tom’s room.–
DSC_0185–For a little while I thought I’d found a model for my camera. But no…didn’t last.–
DSC_0043–During a break from class. Went to the train station for some lunch.–
DSC_0014–Another dinner party in my room.–

Some of us decided to go to the park on a nice little Sunday. Pooh and I had a photoshoot.

DSC_0047–Cute phone charms from 105YenShop.–

Alrighty…now on to FOOD!

Food from eating out:

Food I’ve cooked:

This post and the next two are going to be all over the place. I’m centering the post around where the things took place and so, yea. So, I was really excited about my cooking at first and took bunches of pictures the first few weeks. And then I stopped. Lolz. The last two pics are my most recent achievements. Both turned out really, really well! I finally found some real pieces of pork, so on to Thit Kho Experiment #2. And later, Nuoc Mam! Woo!


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Just a random Food post. This was supposed to go up forever ago. My bad!

Sara and her friend from school met up with me for dinner a few days before I left. We went to this nice little Thai place that I never noticed before. It was really yumyum. Will definitely go back at some point.

DSC_0023–Her friend’s dish. Some peanut thing.–

DSC_0021–I think this was Sara’s dish. Black Pepper seafood thing..?–

DSC_0022–My dish! Was deeeeliciouuuus!!–

–Starbucks, cuz why not, right?–

Speaking of which, I have yet to go to a Starbucks in Japan. Need to check that out.

The girls and I went to karaoke before I left, and then we went to dinner afterward. Same place we went to for Tina, Ceci, and mine’s birthday dinner.

–Yummy as always! Goshdam I love those Crunchy Shrimp Rolls. I go back just for those rolls. Rollllllllls.–

Then Stephanie (my lovely godsister!) and I went to lunch the Monday before I left. I forgot where we went, but I wanna go back.

DSC_0246–Something Spring Rolls. More like tiny, fried burritos. Was really good!–

–Stephanie’s dish. The wings were really good.–

DSC_0251–My dish–

DSC_0252–Lobster MacnCheese oishiiiiiiii!!!–

DSC_0253–This was good, too.–

Yay for good-bye lunches/dinners. I should go away more often. : )

Let’s dress up next time guys!

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scattered all around the floor
reaching for the phone cause,
i can’t fight it anymore
and i wonder if i ever cross your mind
for me it happens all the time
– need you now

Came home yesterday to this lovely piece of work…

Mail from Dolores. I love that she took the time to decorate the envelope, because she knows I’d appreciate that.

So a bit after I got home the kid asked me to take him to pick up the laptop he ordered online. So I did, but he drove…

I was in that picture but decided to crop myself out. Hideous it was. Lolz.

Atttempts at the cool sideviewmirror pictures. Fail.

His first big buy.

I offered to buy some stuff for him but he refused. Wanted to do it all by himself, he said. Butt butt.

Anyway, later that night I went and had dinner with Sara (Reed’s girlfriend) and her roommate Sam. It was nice. I thought that it might be awkward because Sara and I would be talking about something and Sam wouldn’t be in on it, or more so Sam and Sara would be talking about something and I wouldn’t get it, but nope. They were both very good at explaining, very including, it was nice. And the place we went to, deelish!

Sam’s entree. I didn’t taste it but she seemed to like it, a lot. Lolz.

Sara’s entree. Something about shrimp in pepper something. She liked it too.

My entree. Good geezuz Lord I freakin loved this. It was soooo good. Seasoned really well.

Ghin Na Ree Restaurant
2509 N Harrison St. Arlington, VA 22207
Phone – (703) 536-1643
Mon – Sat 11:30am – 10:00pm
Sun 5:00pm – 10:00pm

The restaurant is literally as big as….maybe twice the size of my room. It is literally a whole in the wall, I never noticed it before. But the food is so good, the staff is really friendly. Good service. Cool music. Definitely going again after I come back.


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đã muộn rồi hởi em   2 comments

thì người có khóc chi thêm đau lòng
tình yêu đó giờ là vết thương
trong lòng anh
– vết thương tình yêu

Last night I felt tired enough to nap around for a bit, but ended up staying up ’till 2AM doing random shizz. Today I realized…I’m sick…runny nose, scratchy throat, the whole shebang, couldn’t take sitting up anymore, and too weak to pull myself onto my bed so napped on the floor for an hour, then used whatever strength I got from that to pull down one of my blankets and continued napping on the floor…and then after that finally managed to drag myself onto my bed and sleep some more….Sneezed and sniffed myself through dinner and washing the dishes for dinner….And now staying up ’till probably 3AM editing someone’s essay and updating my blog. Geezuz Chryst where are my priorities, REALLY now!?

So our region has been on a Winter Weather watch since last Thursday. Blizzard or something. Mother and I went to do our taxes on Friday morning, and we managed to get ourselves in before they closed. They closed early because of the snow. After taxes I ended up driving her to a few grocery stores to stock up, I only went in with her to the first store because we were getting a lot…MAN that place was packed! I’d never been there, but they had this awesome ass seafood area…I really wanted to eat all those fishies….Can you tell I am no vegetarian?

Some ốc Mother got for us. It’s been awhile! These things are yummy.

Look at all that snow!

Snow shovelin’. The snow froze my hair. Seriously.

Mother tried to get us to drive to church a few times. We drove to church on Friday night and it was terrible. There was only a few inches on the ground but Mother’s car was just not having it. I had to coax that thing all the way to church, then when we got to church we were given mixed information about the mass, so Mother decided to go home, so I drove home. What a waste of a drive. Then on Sunday evening Mother had us go to 5PM mass, she’d gone there first because she was at a wake and just went straight to church, but Brother and I had to drive ourselves. The car got stuck 5/6 times. Poor Brother had to keep pushing the car, and then running after it for whole streets at a time because if I stopped we wouldn’t’ve gotten started again. Poor boy probably ran half the way to church. It’s surprising the things people (strangers) will do, or not do. The first time we got stuck, this random guy  kinda just showed up and helped dig the car out. And this random car stopped to help us too. Turns out the guy was shoveling out his walk a few houses down. And the car, Idk where it was headed. The second time I stopped, this lady in a van blocked me from reversing all the way out and going a different way. I couldn’t go forward, so the lady sat in her car and yelled out the window for me to try reversing. I had been reversing, so what she was telling me was kind of pointless, and then she wouldn’t back up out of the street so I could leave, she just sat her car there. And, there were like…these three big guys holding shovels just standing at the side of the road watching me. Like literally….just standing there watching. Brother and I dug the car out enough to manage to make it move forward. As we drive down the road, some idiot walking on the side of the road yells at me and tells me that if I step on the gas like that the car’s not going to go anywhere. Well excuse me, I’m the one driving the car, I know how much I’m stepping on the gas, who the hell are you to tell me how hard my foot is pushing down on the gas? We get to the end of the road and the car gets stuck again. This time, this man walking his dog just makes the dog sit on the sidewalk and comes to help Brother push, and when I looked back I realized some other man had helped too. And then we go down that road, and in an attempt to avoid some kids, I veered and the car got stuck again! So the family of those kids comes out and tries to help. Then this Viet family who was also on their way to church comes out of their car to help too. Turns out they knew Brother. Lolz. The dad didn’t think I understood Vietnamese, cuz I stayed silent. Haha! Anyway, at one point they were pushing and telling me what to do and the grandma or something of those kids I’d avoided earlier went “You’re doing great!” as encouragement, and that made me feel awesome. Lolz. Cuz everyone else mostly just told me I was pushing too hard on the gas or something. And it was funny because when they finally got the car moving they were all like “YAY don’t stop, keep going!” But I stopped and it got stuck again….Haha! So then they unstuck me one last time and I basically just drove the whole rest of the way without stopping. A 5 minute drive to church took us 40 freakin minutes.

But…it was OK. Haha, because even though I met with the rude and unhelpful, mostly everyone else was nice and kind. And, when I got to mass I saw him. Lolz. You know, I have a lot of “hims.” In a few months if I reread this, I’ll probably have to think long and hard about which “him” I was talking about. But still. It was nice. Lolz!

Anyway, so aside from those horrid attempts to drive to church, we mainly just stayed in and ate good food. First time in a long time, I’d have to say.

Cá Chiên — YUMMM!!!

Omg I can’t even remember the last time I ate some cá chiên — It was good. Lolz.

We also had some steak. That was yummy. Then on a day when Mother had to work, Brother and I made lunch.

Thịt bò lúc lắc
Brother’s side dish. He didn’t want mine cuz mine had Mayo. Lolz.
My side dish! Was just some shrimp with Mayo on Toast.

I remember Pops used to make that dish for us a few times. One day when I was driving by the cemetery…I think it was then…?…I had a random craving for the dish…but of course I had no idea how to make it, so I just went home and threw a bunch of stuff together. It tasted relatively Ok. Lolz.

Two new cards I made recently.

I’m in the process of making some cards for Reed. I’ve been seriously thinking about selling my Cricut and shizz. I mean…I like it and all, I really do, but I’ve been holding out on making cards to sell because the Cricut’s company has strict policies on selling goods that were made using their machines and stuff. Actually, I found out all the stamp companies also have similar policies. Blah! Ah well, I guess even if I don’t sell my cards online, I can always sell to people I know…and it can make up for its price in the number of cards I don’t have to buy in the future? Maybe? Yea. I’m trying to convince myself.

Thing is, I really want to buy a DSLR. In enough time before I leave for Japan so that I can figure out how it works and shizz (and have time to test it and return it and get a new one if the one I choose doesn’t work out), and selling my Cricut would help in funds towards the DSLR. Idk though. We’ll see I guess.

So, we had a big snow storm a few weeks ago too, and when it started, I was at church for dance practice. At some point I and Tina ventured out and drove to the local Safeway for….


Haha, the guy at the grocery store bakery gave Tina and I a quick “what the?” look but did what we asked. Lolz! Took the cake back to church and everyone got a big slice of sugary goodness. : ) And some hot chocolate too.

The very first big snow of the year, I was stuck at home and Brother was stuck at some person’s house (and Reed was in Australia and Dolores was a 25 minute car ride away) and so I didn’t go out to play. But the one from a few weeks ago, we ended up going outside to play! A LOT!


I got those earmuffs when the youth group was stuffing presents for the church kids. They are surprisingly warm.

Brother and his friend Chris…doing something.
Brother taking a picture of his awesomely tiny “snowman.”
Brother is dumb. Dumping snow on himself. He was trying to throw it at Chris. Idjits, I swear…

So on Saturday during the big snow, while Brother Mother and I were shoveling snow we heard a big BOOM! And when we went inside we realized that the power was out in half the rooms in our apartment. So Brother’s room and my room had power, but all the other rooms didn’t. So no internet and no cable. Brother and I ended up spending a lot of time playing Left for Dead 2. It was fun : )

I just realized that my post is like way late. Haha! I had meant to post some pictures in the last, last post, but didn’t have the time or patience, so enough rambling, picture time!

These are from way back!

Henry! Drove us back from the training class thingy we had to go to in Maryland. I drove there, but he drove back cuz he actually knew the way to places. Lolz.
The girls! Minus me of course.
Stopped by a buffet for lunch and the sushi guy made this for Catherine.
After the buffet, stopped by Shilla Bakery for some…Idk what this is called. But it was good!
Look at all the cakes and pastries!
Gahh bear cake!!!
ALL the girls after the buffet. Henry was like “Seriously…you want to take a picture…seriously?” But not in that many words.


Brother’s National Honors Society Induction Ceremony.

Went out for some late dinner afterwards. That’s how I congratulate him. With food and stuffs.
Idjit piggin out.

I missed all the good pictures of Brother walking on stage to receive his paper…thingy…Lord knows that if I had a DSLR, that wouldn’t’ve happened! GAH!


So…I had something else to rant about. But I think I’ll do it tomorrow. That person I want to rant about is coming over tomorrow. FML. So maybe I’ll just do it then. Lolz. We’ll see.

Anyway, I felt that it was about time for a post! So, I did end up deactivating my Facebook. The only thing I miss is playing Cafeworld. My poor cafe!

My face feels terribly dry and acne filled. Gross! What a way to end a blog post, haha! I was meaning to moisturize it tonight before bed but…it’s already 3:25AM and I no longer feel like it. I’ve really been letting go of taking care of my skin for the past few weeks. I’m not one to obsess about it, obviously, having not taken care of it for weeks, but I don’t want all my previous efforts to look decent to go to naught. So tomorrow I will try and get back into caring a little bit about the way I look. The other, other, other day I did some dance tutorials and I looked like shit. Haha! No more! Maybe.


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is it   3 comments

too late to call you on the phone
too late to tell you i’m alone
i wanna wake you from another lonely night
too late to wonder where you are
too late to hold you in my arms
cuz if you’re lookin for wonderful….
– wonderful (chantal kreviazuk)

Happy 2010!

I’m kind of in the grey zone on how I feel about this new year. On the one hand, I’m excited. I’m…elated…maybe, even. So many things are happening this year. Details later. On the other hand, I can’t help but feel that time is moving a little too quickly. There are things I wish I’d done and hadn’t done. I keep looking back at the past, for some reason I can’t move forward just yet. Hopefully it’s just a phase and the feelings of uncertainty will go away once I really get this year started but, I don’t know, for now, I’ll be on my toes about what’s to come.

SO! For New Year’s Eve we went to Co Phuc’s house in D.C.

Preparing to leave…
This is the only way I’d ever beat him in a fight, I think.


Mom’s Xoi (Sticky Rice)
Co Phuc’s Fish
Mom’s Goi (Kinda like a salad)
Mom’s Mi Xao (Noodles and shizz)

Co Phuc also make two other dishes but I didn’t eat them so…no close ups! : )

And Mother also made Chao Ga (Chicken Congee), which we ate after the countdown, but I was too hungry to care about the picture. Lolz.

Wanna see something cool?
Check out my socks!!
I’m a TIGER!!!

I don’t remember if this was before or after the countdown, it might’ve been both, but Otouto is NOT a night person!

New Year’s was interesting. Lolz. I think I’ll save my thoughts and resolutions for another post.

On the way home….some cool street shots.

D.C. at 3AM on New Year’s Day.
Hardworkin cops of D.C. : )


The day after New Year’s, Otouto and I went to lunch with Cha Luan.


We were planning on going to see a movie but when we got to Tyson’s the place was wayyyy too crowded. We couldn’t get parking and people were driving all weird, like they were all drunk or something! So we just went to eat.

We went to one of the shops in Eden. I had Bun Reu Oc. I thought the broth was really good, but the meat was really bland, no flavor. It was like they didn’t let the meat simmer enough in the broth. O well. There was a lot of Oc so, I liked it overall. haha.

So we cut our outing short and went home. Went to mass as usual. Then after mass Cha Luan took us out again. We were planning again to go to the movies, but the other guys who were coming with us had already seen the movie we were going to see, and Reed, Viet people usually don’t watch movies more than once, so we just went bowling.

They had some weird lighting thing going on. I wanna say…glowinthedark…but it was more than just that…Anyways, it was cool. Look at the balls GLOW!
Scores for first game:
Scores for second game:
I bowled a freakin 103 man! I know…technically that sucks…but to me it is awesome. Haha.

So the other team lost both games and had to do push ups.
After game one:
After game two:
Poor boys.

Look at these convicts.
On the way home. The other two left in another car.


Just to make a point about the cool lighting….
My socks glowed! You can’t tell in this pic but…it was cool.

The cool Pooh in a Tiger suit Tina got me. IT GLOWS!!!

Yea….if you were there you would agree with me about how awesome it was.

I am not too easily fascinated!

S’all for now. I’ll be back later with New Year Resolutions and a Musings post.

Remember to check out my blog! I’ve been pretty diligent with it. Granted it’s only been 4 days but…hey…I’m motivated by appreciation OK!? (Appreciation = visitors).


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một mùa đông ấm áp có nhau kề bên   2 comments

chỉ là trong những giấc mơ ta nhiều đêm
nơi phương xa tuyết vẫn đang rơi
và nơi đó chỉ có mình em
bởi vì anh chỉ mãi yêu riêng mình em
dù bao lâu anh vãn nơi đây chờ mong
nơi phương xa tuyết vẫn đang rơi
và em hứa quay về nơi đây….
– lời hẹn ước mùa đông

I just realized that my two scholarships might not be renewable for senior year. FML! Paperwork for home, paperwork for Japan, making money and preparing for Japan, going to Japan, choreographing so that the dance group has songs to do while I’m in Japan, looking for and applying for scholarships for undergrad senior year, research grad schools, preparing for testing for grad school, applying to grad school, looking for money for grad school, here comes hither the moments in life where I am to stress and wish I were dead and lash out at random people. Stay away from me. You’ve been warned.

On another note!


December birthdays (minus Tina). I guess this pic actually does well in showing our true personalities. Ceci is timid and shy. Francis is funny in a dry kind of way. I like to stick my tounge out at people. And possibly mispell toungue.

Winners of the second round for BHT. We’re so cute. : )

Side note: SEE HOW FUZZY the PICTURES ARE??!!! Me NOOOOO Likey!!!


So, for my birthday:

On Friday, the eve of my birthday, Otouto and I went to Ba Bay’s house for a quick dinner and some cake. The actual celebration was on Saturday but I was already busy. I kind of was sad that I couldn’t come to the actual birthday thing but from FB pictures afterwards, it seemed to be a huge shots fest, which I’m not that into so, whatever. Note: I hate going to Ba Bay’s without Co Nam there. As in, I hate going to Ba Bay’s house when Ba Bay is the one “hosting.” I…dislike her greatly. She’s very rude and inconsiderate and…I would say…kind of immature. The only reason I go over there every now and then is because I like playing with the kids, and cuz of Co Nam and Chu Hoa, and…cuz sometimes they have good food. Lolz.

Then on Saturday, in the morning, I went with the HS and NS to sing Xmas Carols at the local nursing home. I think that this year’s was a bit better than previous years, from my experience at least. I wasn’t looking forward to this birthday, as you can possibly tell from my previous, previous, previous, previous post. Hee. But, the day was pretty good. Youth group as usual. Then…party time! With the Van Lang girls and Cha Luan and Otouto and two other kids. Lolz.

The whole table (minus Otouto cuz he’s taking the picture).

Me, Cha Luan, and Thuy. : )

Tina, Stephanie, and I. I was so glad Stephanie came. Tina shares the same Bday as me!

I think this was seaweed. It’s kind of salty, but good.
Some crunchy shrimp thing. I really liked it. Hanna really liked the sauce. Lolz.
My entree. Really spicy. Taste was alright.

The place we went to was Tobagi in Annadale:

7031-2A Little River Tpk
Annandale, VA 22003

The food was really good overall I thought. I took some pics of other people’s food too but, too lazy to post it all. The place is dimly lit, they only have a few tables. They had to put together like…5 tables to fit all of us so…aside from those 5 tables there must’ve been another….7 tables? It’s not a huge place. The waiters were really, really nice though. I liked it. Go there.

Thank you THUY for dinner. It’s a bit late, lolz, but thank you thank you. You’re awesomee!

December birthdays (Tina, me, Ceci) cutting the cake.

The picture’s kinda dark but I really like it.

All the girls!!


What was your favorite childhood book? I’ve always really liked this book titled “The Littlest Angel.” It’s a really, really cute story, and even now, no matter how far I may possibly stray from Catholicism and Christianity, I’ll always love the book even if it’s based on Christmas. I don’t know what it is about the book, it just….I don’t know. I don’t have anything that I’ll actually try hard to save from my childhood, but that book (and the first pair of PJs, also the first ever present I got from my parents in the US, which happened to be pink and Pooh Bear-ed) will probably be the only thing(s) in the treasure chest of memories at the foot of my bed, once I get a treasure chest, and a bed in a house with a room big enough to store a treasure chest.

So, of course when I went to Best Buy on Saturday and saw this movie, I just HAD to get it. Ignore the ribbons, Lolz.

: )

I think the illustrations in the book are cuter and the movie added some stuff but, of course it did so, I really liked it. I watched it right as I got home.


The other weekend there was a snow storm. It was pretty awesome. I didn’t get to go outside much because Otouto was house sitting somewhere else so I had no one to play with. But! It was cool cuz I basically just lounged around and did nothing. Both Otouto and Mother weren’t home. I made lunch!

Fried Shrimp

This went with a plate of Mi Goreng, left over chicken (or was it turkey..? No…musta been chicken), eggs, and some Chinese veggies. Was sooooo good!!!


A card Otouto and I made. He actually helped me make it!! Isn’t it adorable??


So on Christmas day Mother Otouto and I went to Co Hanh’s again. : ) We had hotpot! This time I took some time between scarfing down the food to take some pics.

There were more veggies on the other side of the table. And of course more of the seafood.
My squeezed orange juice and my bells. Those bells were so multi-useful. First they were on my “ring,” then my “bracelet,” then “hairtie,” and now, my car keys. ; )
The dip.
Bowl #1
Bowl #2
I didn’t take pics of the 12392348647654 bowls that followed. Hee.



Xi Muoi drink and Pho.

Lunch after Ice Skating with the HS and NS. All day long spent with them and those were the only two pictures I took with my camera. Blah! Maybe the reason why my camera is being crappy is because of under-use. :* ( ???


Three new books from Barnes and Nobles and two games from Best Buy.

That pile is to add on to the list of books I need to read, games I need to finish (start first) this break.

I think I’m going to add a widget that’s a list of things I need to do before I leave, i.e. things to do this break. So that if I’m a little behind on my posting or my 365unpaused project, you’ll know why. I’m probably also going to put up a list of things I need to (want to) buy before I leave. : ) HINT. HINT. Although…both my birthday and Xmas are over so, IDK what the hinting’d be useful for. Bah.

I can’t believe I actually brought myself to blog today. Lolz. Yay I’m all caught up kind of! : )

Chya ne!

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gặp lại rồi mình sẽ ra sao ?   2 comments

làm gì tìm lại được lúc ban đầu…
hoặc là mình lại càng níu chân nhau,
xô ngã đời nhau
– em đã từng yêu

The holidays are coming! Thanksgiving is in three…no…two? weeks, and then Christmas! OMG I’m so excited! I’ve been down the past few weeks for various reasons. The obvious one, of course, is that I’m behind on my school work. But the other…more…heart-tugging reason is that winter is coming. It’s practically here! I feel like walking around bundled up with scarves around my neck, hat on my head, mittens on my hands. There’s something about that image that makes me happy, I don’t know what it is. Then again, why would that be heart tugging? Well because winter is slow in coming. And because whenever I think of winter…well whenever I think of anything…I start to miss my dad. I miss him driving us to Christmas mass and being late every year. I miss him reminding me about one foot on the brake and one on the gas as you’re going uphill so you don’t slide back. I miss him shoveling the snow off our car. I miss him taking pictures of us. I miss him walking around the house in his pjs. I miss him just miss him just miss him. I think that whenever I start going into a phase or moment in life I start to miss him. Ah well, I guess it can’t be helped. Anyway, as I was walking through A.C.Moore today I noticed that the red, green, white, gold stuff was already out. Red Candles. Teddies in Santa Suits. Christmas cardstock : ). I felt…kind of content inside. I can’t wait for the holidayyys!

Of course, while I was at A.C.Moore I also bought this…

Pretty stickers! Am going to use them to make cards that Sara ordered.

I thought it was a punch, not an embossing punch (two totally different things). O well, just needa get creative.

Tomorrow morning I’m going up to Maryland and coming back on Sunday night. I figured that since it’s cold and rainy outside today, and is forecasted to be this weekend, I might as well try and get some closed toe shoes. I didn’t want to wear my tennis shoes while on a business trip so instead, I went and got these at Payless.

Yay for boots! I’ve been meaning to get rain boots…and I probably will at some point, but I’ve also been needing winter weather boots. Tennis shoes are just not what they used to be.

I must’ve gone through…3 or 4 pairs of these kind of boots, the ones that are furry lined. But the other ones’ve always been so bulky. I don’t like wearing boots OVER my pants so I didn’t like the bulkyness of the other winter boots I had. But these, they’re sooooooooo comfyyyy, soooo soft…and not bulky at all!


I originally had wanted a higher heel but, I know I’ll be walking around in these and so I wanted them to be comfy. These were oddly very comfy when I tried them on. And the heel is really short so it won’t hurt too much. And they’re so cute!!

Also got socks : )

And these (from Old Navy) to layer with my tops.

Love the colors!

Gahhh I can’t wait for school to be over so I can start working full time again so I can do more shopping! Of course if I get into Japan I’ll also have to save money for the trip but still…YAY!

So I hope that this business trip turns out to be enjoyable. I mean, my past trips have been pretty good, but as usual, I don’t want to get my hopes up. I just want this trip to be good and decent at the very, very least. I think I packed way too much, and yet not enough. O well!

Also at work, the grants people have been getting me to do stuff for them. More work but, I like it. It’s also been suggested that maybe I sit in on their meetings in January. Important meetings. : )

So last weekend Co NhuLa told me that one of her many sons (she has 4) told her that he wanted me to tutor him in violin. I have to say I’d be totally glad to. The only other person I’ve tutored was…Otouto, and he turned out pretty well. Of course I did make him cry…a lot. Ha! I wonder if he remembers. Anyway, I emailed her today and told her that I would love to tutor Teddy (the son) but we’d have to work out who goes to who’s house (whom’s house??).

Also last weekend!

Otouto at the LaSan Awards Ceremony. No pictures of him performing but everybody said he did well. : )

So on Saturday C.KP wasn’t at TN and so asked me to do this project with the Au Nhi. Basically she provided all of these cards and the Au Nhi were to write in them.

Heehee, Au Nhi are sooo cute!

These weren’t even the cutest examples,all of them were just a joy to read. The cards are to be sent to the troops overseas and…it got me to thinking…I don’t know. When C.KP first asked me to do it I said sure because, well, why not? It was just sending cards right? Then I thought about it wondered if…I’m not against the war but I’m not for it either. I guess if I had to take a side I’d lean to…against the war…so I felt like maybe I felt weird about having the kids write these cards, but on Saturday I sat down and had a mini lecture to the kids about compassion and shit and just realized, who the hell cares if I’m against or for the war? The fact is there are soldiers fighting and they need a little bit of joy in their lives. I even had an impulse thought to send my own cards but, I didn’t. Lolz. I’m not that compassionate.

On Sunday we went bowling.

I had actually tried to take the picture of Otouto as he let the ball go, but my camera was reacting slow as a mother effer, as it’s been doing a lot lately. I want a DSLR!

It actually started as a dinner with the HT. C. Mai invited me and Otouto. It wasn’t all the HT, just the few who were invited. I noticed that H has been acting different around me. Which is not surprising at all actually. She and I weren’t close AT ALL when we were younger, but once I joined the Au Nhi as a fellow HT, she acted like we were friends. In fact, it would be honest to say she and I were never even friends, but while I was in Au Nhi she would talk about how she and I “go way back” or we’re so close or we’re friends and we “work well together” and all that crap. But now that she’s been transferred up to TN, she’s completely turned back around. She doesn’t even look at me, let alone say hi or greet me or anything, when we walk past in the hallways. She even pushed by me at some points. At the dinner, the only thing she said to me was “N–Y, do you have a hair clip [that she can borrow]?” I said no I only had a hair tie and she said “That’s fine.” That was it….Wait a minute…I never got back my hair tie! W.t.f. Even when DH, her boyfriend, was teasing me and I was looking straight over at them because I was telling him to shut up, she was looking straight in my direction and nothing. No smile, no telling her boyfriend to shut up, no acknowledgment. Like I said, this isn’t that surprising. She’s always been kind of shallow in my opinion and she and I never really got along. But for a point I actually thought…”she might be alright.” And it turns out she isn’t. Ha, which is better for me because then it’s less confusing.

So…what…? O yes, anyway, after the dinner most of the HT went bowling. Man…they are really…really good. Hahaha. Like…they got strikes almost all the time. It was cool to watch. They rented a lane for Otouto and I to play/practice. But! We did win some free coupons. Otouto and I each got a strike when one of the colored pins was in the middle and so we got coupons for free games. I didn’t imagine we’d be back at the bowling alley before the expiration date so we gave it to the HT but, it was still cool.

Heehee, I was the first in the whole group to get the free coupon. And then the colored pins started showing up more and we ended up with tons. Lolz. As a side note…MAN there were a lot of Asians at the bowling alley. And some cute ones too! Hahaha.

O yeaaa! While we were at the buffet for dinner, A.Nguyen started trying to hit on one of the people working there. Idk if he was serious or just joking around, but he started out with a line. And I heard him since I was sitting right next to him, and instantly I knew what he was going to do and it was so funny. I started laughing really hard and he lost his concentration and then he started laughing too. It ended up being he didn’t do it because then as we were leaving C.Mai pointed to the girl and was like “There she’s free, do it now.” And so obviously…that kind of ended it right there. Lolz. And! When I left the bowling alley A.Nguyen was still playing but he actually gave me a hug. Which surprised me because I don’t think any of the HT’ve hugged me before…ever. Except C.KP and C.Quyen. I tried to hug C.Mai when she gave me my watch but that was really awkward. Haha. Anyway, it was interesting hanging out with them. I think that sometimes I notice that they’re not like me, then I realize that I have to just put up with it, and then at times like at the dinner and while bowling, I realize that I have to make the effort to get along too. So yea, it was a fun night. Made me kind of sad that I won’t be going to DHHT with them but, whatever. I can’t say I’m close with them or even good friends with them now but, they’re cool, sometimes.

Speaking of, I still haven’t heard back from my program officer about if the school in Japan’s accepted me. Which kind of sucks because right now is class registering time and I needed to know whether or not I got into Japan because if I didn’t, I need to register for classes over here. Arghhh.

Sooo on Thursday Otouto had his orchestra’s fundraiser thing at Silver Diner again. Some food pics!

The salad. I must’ve taken like…two bites. Not that interesting.

Steak. Was yummyyy. I ordered it medium rare but on the rare side. Was so good and juicyy!

Shrimp with pasta. Was really good. A lot of shrimp.

Peppermint Shake? I think. It was Otouto’s order, I only took a small sip. Did not like. Was too milky for me. If you don’t already know, milk makes me naseous so, I probably wouldn’t’ve liked any of their shakes but Otouto said he liked it fine, I think.

I’ve probably already mentioned before, I’m behind in school. But, it’s OK. I’ve done what I can, caught up well enough. In the next few weeks of school aside from finals, I only have a big thing due each week, also not counting the quizzes and tests in Chinese, which are every class, so…I should be OK. I’m going to start right away with my next assignment so I don’t get caught like the past two days. On Sunday night/Monday morning I stayed up until 5:30AM, went to sleep and woke up at 8:40AM and went to school and was decently fine. Then on Monday night/Tuesday morning I went to bed at around 3:30AM. I kept hearing creepy stuff but as it’s almost 2AM right now and I’m the only one awake, I’m going to leave the creepy stuff for another day. I’ll probably forget. Lolz. Eh whatever, I’ll tell it here. So on Sunday night/Monday morning as I was up I had the window wide open and could hear people down in the alley. That was fine. But on Monday night/Tuesday morning, at around 3:30AM, I heard very briefly light music and then an extremely loud scratching, the kind of scratching like a box being moved or something. So I thought…Otouto? Maybe his phone went off and in trying to get the phone he moved something or knocked something over? So I sat there looking over my shoulder for like a minute, there was nothing else so I just, bravely I might add, went back to my paper. Of course the next day I asked Otouto and he said he wasn’t awake at all at that time. Thing is the scratching sounded really loud, like right next to me loud. Eh, who knows, maybe I knocked something over and didn’t notice. The TV wasn’t on. I wasn’t watching anything on the computer either.

So, since I’ll be on my trip this weekend I won’t be able to update my 365unpaused everyday. I’ll try to do what I can but, it probably won’t be much.

Here’s wishin!

Chya ne!

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