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nụ hôn bước vào tình–sẽ thấy quanh đây thênh thang êm vui bao tháng ngày dai   Leave a comment

với những si mê khôn nguôi như buông vào tim.
trong đáy tim…anh yêu em
-em là tất cả

Sunset in Izumi-City.



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ngày em bước vào đời–có tiếng chim ca hân hoan trên khung trời xanh tuyệt vời   Leave a comment

với những ngôi sao trên cao lung linh về đêm
như nói lên em vừa yêu
-em là tất cả

A trip to Ninja Village and then to Raccoon Village with the International Center.


I can never capture rain very well.


I began the painting with just the house. Then I drew in all the land and sea with swirls. But you know me, I love to paint! So I just filled everything in. Haha. Couldn’t help it.

Wanna see something cool??



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lang may trang   Leave a comment

lung lo ngan troi
– la xanh mua he

A few Wednesdays ago my Buddy and her friend came over to my apartment. I didn’t know why she chose that date but found out later from her friend that it was her Birthday that day! So we turned the party into a surprise birthday party. Literally I ran over to my neighbor’s, was like, Did you know today is Yuko’s Birthday?! And she was like, yea. And I was like, How’d you know?! I didn’t know! And she was like, Facebook! And I was like…Freak! And that’s why I’m on Facebook again, not that anyone noticed I was off for a bit. Lolz. Getting back on FB also means I lost a bet with Reed but I don’t care. I’m the dominant one in our relationship. Anyway, I digress. I convinced my neighbor to bike to the grocery store and get my buddy a cake or pie or something while I pretended like this was planned all along. Haha, yay. Anyway, it turned out pretty well.

We had a Spring Roll party. I bought and prepared all the ingredients. People were supposed to pay me but only a few people did. Next time I’m demanding money first. Lolz.


Haha. It turned out relatively well! I hoped!

People really liked the dipping sauce I made for the Spring Rolls, which is the most important part, of course, so I’m glad. Everything wasn’t hard to prepare, so I might do it again. Next time I’ll know better how much of each ingredient to get—less veggies, more meat. Haha!

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he sang   Leave a comment

phuong tuoi tham mau
-la xanh mua he

A few weeks ago a friend and I made another trip out to Kyoto. We went to Byoudo-in, which I had really been insistent about, and some other places that I can’t name…because I’ve forgotten. Byoudo-in turned out to be less cool than I thought it would be, but it was still very, very pretty.

DSC_0005–On the way there.–




As I said, very scenic, very beautiful.

After Byoudo-in we headed to our next destination. On the way there we happened upon this cute little shop that sold really adorable things for relatively cheap, so I bought a bunch. HA! ‘Tis me. This guy owned the place. He ‘checked out’ with an abacus! How can you not buy from a man who uses an abacus?!


The next place we went to. We went there specifically because our teacher in Art and Society said that there were rock gardens here designed by Shigemori. So, why not? We paid and went to one part, then found out as we were leaving that the gardens by Shigemori were actually in another part of the place, so we thought, might as well we’re already here, and ended up paying to go to the other part. Glad we did. I never thought rock gardens were so interesting!













Lastly, we went to the Tori gates place. Idk what it’s really called. Basically families pay to put up these tori gates for good luck, or something. We didn’t walk the whole way up the mountain. I’m not much of a hiker, HA!







Walking under all the Tori gates also made me feel a little claustrophobic but that’s just cuz I’m a wimp.

This was probably the last time I make an all day trip out to Kyoto. The place has a lot of things to see, but after a few of the big sites, everything gets a little repetitive.

I’ve enjoyed, pretty much, each time I’ve been out to Kyoto though. It was worth the 2 hour train trip each way and the approximately $25 in train fare. Haha.

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va khi toi vui thi toi hat   Leave a comment

khi toi dau thi toi khoc
se trut het nhung dang cay trong long
– gioi han nao cho chung ta

I don’t think I’ve ever posted so much in so short a time. I’d been really bad with keeping up with this blog and so, the past few days was my attempt at catching up. A lot of the things I posted happened months ago, that’s how behind I was. But that’s all OK now, because I am currently fully caught up. : )

Soooooo, as most people might now, I have an obsession with three things.
1. Winnie the Pooh (who is my soulmate and lover).
2. School supplies, planners, notebooks, and the sort.
3. Purses, wallets, and the sort.

My obsession with Winnie the Pooh Bear will probably never be satisfied.

Idk why I have such a need for notebooks, I never have anything interesting to write in them, and who knows what my thing is with planners, I never go anywhere so all the dates are always empty! But these things are just so easy to find, and so easy to be pretty that it’s hard to avoid.

Purses and wallets though, I can be very, very picky about. And purses and wallets cost a bit of money, so I’m not too terrible on this front. Japan, however, has some really great purses and wallets. Just in my train station alone there are two shops selling…relatively affordable purses and wallets. So, I need one, and I told myself that I’d buy one, or so, to use while I’m in Japan, maybe something a bit rugged. And then before I left the country I’d reward myself with a brand new, perfect purse, and a wallet or two. Well, here’s what I ended up buying the other week.

DSC_0009–A planner for 100Yen and an address book.–

The planner is a monthly view planner, which is perfect for now. I was going to buy myself a fancy organizer, planner thing when I got back home, but for now I think I can make due with the above planner, at least until the new year.

I was also going to get an address book when I got home, who the hell knows why, but then I went to the 105Yen shop at the station next to ours, and they were selling the binder and inserts at 105Yen apiece. So I bought the binder and all the necessary inserts to make it an address book. Yay! It’ll hold me off until the new year, I hope!

DSC_0006–A cardholder–

Isn’t it just the cutest thing?! Back at home I have a lot more cards for things, so it’ll be more filled up.

DSC_0008–Coin purse!–



Ok, so why’d I buy three wallet things instead of just using the pink wallet, which itself has a lot of room? Well, in the past I’ve learned that when you overstuff things, they tend to break, practically dismantle at the seams. And I am a perfectionist. When something starts breaking, I just can’t handle it. I need something new. Materialistic, I know. But isn’t a girl entitled to pretty things? In America I don’t carry that much cash. I usually just leave the house with my cards, makes it easier now that my cards are separated from my wallet. Also means that my wallet will last longer since it won’t be stuffed to breaking point.

Anyway, I was going to buy myself a new wallet before leaving but I’m loving my pink one tooooooo much. I might just be satisfied with it. Wow, right?

I managed to find Yoga Institute (Korean horror film) and watched it today. Confused the crap outta me.

Know what I’m really craving right now? Some steamed crabs under a sprinkling of Old Bay Seasoning…Gahhhhh mouth waterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs. Reed promised me a trip to the Dancing Crab a few days after I get back. Man….I kinda want to go to Grad School at American U, not because they have really good programs that speak to me, but because the University is within walking distance of the Dancing Crab. Hahaha.

Speaking of Reed, he leaves Australia to return to America in a few days. Yup. After Sunday our time differences will be too vast for regular chats. He’s also traveling a lot so who knows how much internet he’ll get? I need to be better at keeping up with this blog.

Ermm….there was something else I’d wanted to talk about regarding “returns,” but that’ll have to wait ’till later. I wanted to just do catch ups for now. I have a paper to write and some Japanese to study. Starting tomorrow we’re going to do all our Japanese lessons in Hiragana, which I STILL HAVE NOT MEMORIZED. GAH! I’m screwed.

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Kyoto Trips Thus Far Continued   2 comments

My second trip to Kyoto was a bit more relaxing. It had its….Argh…moments, but overall I liked the trip better than the first time. I went with a smaller group of people and we took our time, and even though we were taking our time, we managed to get to three places, and finished pretty early.

The first place we went to was Nijo Castle. We weren’t allowed to take photographs inside the actual Castle building, so all the pics are from outside.


The Castle itself was pretty awesome. It had a legit Nightingale Floor and everything! (A Nightingale Floor is basically a floor made of wood that squeaks with every step, alerting the Shogun and his men of possible assassins. How to know if you’re a boss ninja/assassin? Walking on the Floor without make it squeak. Or flying and taking the Floor factor out complete <—A bit of interesting-ness for you non-nerds out there. Don’t ask me how I know this stuff. No, it was not told to us at the castle. I knew way beforehand.) My friends and I tried to sneak around on the Floor to see if we could take even one step without provoking it but, alas, it always sang. The guards seemed to find us amusing though.

The art in the Castle was also really amazing. So beautiful. It’s a shame that I couldn’t take any pictures, but the signs said something about preserving the art and stuff so, ah well. I got a buncha postcards though that depicted some of the art, but they were all sent off. Lolz.

After Nijo Castle we headed to the Heian Shrine. We got kinda lost and so, took something of a detour.

DSC_0063–Enjoying the River–DSC_0064–He thought I couldn’t see him sneaking up on me or something??–DSC_0069–Pooh to trying to push people off bridges!–DSC_0078–Girls Unite!–DSC_0079
We sidetracked into an alley shop….And this is what boys do while girls shop:

So after the shop we realized we were going the wrong way and turned around.

DSC_0118–Was on a wall of a building in the street. Cool, HUH?!–

Happened upon a little shrine in the midst of tall buildings.


After climbing up a slight hill, we finally made it to the Heian Shrine.
DSC_0122DSC_0135DSC_0138DSC_0134DSC_0141(This Photo courtesy of S.S.)DSC_0150(This Photo courtesy of S.S.)

I spent the entire time at the Shrine just kinda sitting outside. It was soooooooo nice. For some reason I loved the feeling of the Shrine. So S.S. took my camera but apparently they didn’t allow pictures of inside the main buildings either so boo.

After the Shrine we decided to take a taxi to Kiyomizu Temple. The taxi fare split between the 4 of us was only a little more than if we’d taken the bus.


Kiyomizu Temple:
DSC_0172DSC_0177DSC_0178DSC_0182DSC_0185DSC_0186DSC_0187DSC_0199–Cool! A wish thingy written in Thai. I saw some English ones later too.–
DSC_0211DSC_0218–Daiki after a long day…–
DSC_0222DSC_0224DSC_0225DSC_0227(This Photo Courtesy of S.S.)

I really, really liked Kiyomizu Temple. The place was packed with tourists and students, but the walk through the whole place was great. Wonderful views, serene even with all the chatter.

After Kiyomizu we took the train to Gion Corner. It was still wayyyy early in the day so nothing cool was happening.


And since nothing was happening, we just stopped by this bar place and had dinner. My dinner was delicious! I had some mussels, not enough, I might add, and a seafood pasta. The place seemed kind of upscale and we totally did not fit in. Daiki was literally falling alseep at the table, and Sharlen thought it appropriate to stick a breadstick in his mouth…or was it his nose..?…and he blew up when he woke. I didn’t take any pictures, I was way too tired and too lazy to take out my huge camera. Can you tell I’m trying to make an argument for myself to buy the goshdamn PointandShoot? Haha. What did I learn from the dinner? You can dress them up, but you can’t take them out. This group is appropriate only for the ramen shops. Is that mean? Yes, I don’t care.

P.S. Sorry for some of the huge pictures. It’s too time consuming and difficult to go back and take the medium size of those photos and then figure them back in. I’ll try to be more careful next time.

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So far I’ve been to Kyoto twice. The first trip was somewhat of a fail. I went with some of the International students and spent the day getting lost and tired, ended up visiting one huge park and one temple. It was a pretty big fail. The people in charge kept rushing us through everything, hardly had time to enjoy ourselves, and in the end we only got to two places. But anyway, here are the pictures!

DSC_0131–New Shoes–
DSC_0041–Pink Shoes!!–
DSC_0031DSC_0030–Waiting for the train–
DSC_0038–Kyoto Tower Hotel…apparently it’s famous?–

Our first stop, the Forbidden something or other. Apparently the inside building is open to the public but not on weekends, which is when we were there. So we ended up just walking around the huge park surrounding the big, main building.

I didn’t take very many pictures. Cuz it was mainly just this big span of….emptiness. Pretty, but boring. Especially since we weren’t there to enjoy the Hanami or anything. As I said before, the people in charge were in a rush, who knows why, so we just walked through the place. Blah.

Second place we went to: The Silver Pavilion (Temple).

I absolutely lovedddd the view.

We tried to go to the Golden Pavilion after the Silver Pavilion. Didn’t make it. I mean, we did, but it was closed by the time we got there. We took the bus, which was a terrible idea because it was crowded and took forever. We had a Japanese friend with us who told the people in charge that the Pavilion closes at 5PM, but did they listen? No. So we spent the over an hour bus ride and the walk up the hill to the Pavilion to find it closed. The back gate was still open though because it was just a while past 5 so people were still shuffling out, so all the students went in the back gate. I think they didn’t get far though, my Japanese friend went to check on them and came back and told me they were just eating ice cream or something cuz there was a shop. So, no pictures of the Golden Pavilion. I plan to go there this month though.

I did get a picture of these girls dressed in kimonos leaving the Pavilion, though.

DSC_0120DSC_0119–Waiting for some people before leaving.–

To be continued.

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